TATTOOS series
What comes first for a skin project, the drawing or the tattooing?
I started bringing to paper versions of my very favorite tattoo pieces.
The ones which their meaning is now more valid than ever.
HEARTS series
Artistic journey through human emotions based on the use of few recurrent symbols and words.
FELIS series
These drawings were made based on one my godson did few of years ago.
The word "FELIS" that lies on top of his drawing (love to include the spelling mistake he did!)
made me think how true peace can be found even within the most adverse situations.
Little things are essential.
SAINTS series
Nowadays, animal life whether because they've been displaced from their natural environment or they have to born, grow and die in industrial farms or laboratories, are not so distant from the suffering of Christian saints represented on the Middle Age altar pieces.
EROTIC series
Large scale pieces based on the exploration of human sexuality.
BEINGS series
Large scale pieces Nature themed.
A little bit of everything.
If you want to have a print of my art, please visit my online shop:
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